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                                       GOOD in the world.




We are open 365 days a year taking care of our cats and kittens.  We clean up after them, feed them, medicate them as needed, play with them, and of course love on them.

Our dedicated community of volunteers is the heart of how Kitty City can offer sanctuary, medical care, and a loving environment for neglected, abandoned, and homeless cats.

Volunteering can include:

  •     Daily cleaning and feeding at the shelter
  •     Taking cats to and from medical appointments
  •     Periodic handyman and maintenance projects
  •     Helping with adoption events in the Macon community
  •     Organizing/participating in fundraising events
  •     Website maintenance and content
  •     Crafting or donating quality items that can be sold to raise funds
  •     Socializing with the cats who need extra interaction
  •     Giving the cats playing and petting time
  •     Sickroom ministering by tech qualified or in-house trained individuals
  •     And there are many other ways to help, all to benefit the resident cats.

Want to join the fun? Contact us anytime.

The short volunteer application form can be filled out and submitted online to Kitty City Cat Rescue.

Thank you so much for your interest in helping with the kitties' care and wellbeing!

>Volunteer Application Form<