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There are many other ways in which you can help provide financial assistance to Kitty City. Without the generosity of supporters like you, Kitty City would not be able to afford the kitties such attentive care. Thank you all for your support!

All donations to Kitty City Cat Rescue, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, are tax deductible.

  • Veterinary Care:

  • You can contribute directly (by mail or in person) to our veterinary accounts at:

  • Northside-Wesleyan Animal Hospital

  • 355 Charter Blvd, Macon GA 31210

  • (478) 477-6828

  • Brantley & Jordan Animal Hospital

  • 5698 Thomaston Rd, Macon GA 31220

  • (478) 757-1600

Kitty City believes good veterinary care is of paramount importance to the rescue effort. Because we take in abandoned and neglected cats, many come to us with health issues. Most of the time they are minor. But major issues like amputations, eye surgeries, extreme dental protocols, and long term medicinal regimens do occur. And all these treatments are very costly. The adoption fees Kitty City gets rarely cover a cat’s normal vetting costs let alone serious matters.

  • Supplies:

Overhead costs like utilities, food, litter, and housing are constant.  You can help by donating appropriate kitty toys, canned and dry foods, cat litter, and other items on the Kitty City Amazon Wish List.

  • Sponsor a Cat by paying for his/her adoption fee

  • Donate through the Kroger Community Rewards Program

  • Matching Donations:

Many companies offer matching contributions when employees make donations to their favorite charities. If your company has matching donations but Kitty City Cat Rescue is not on their list, contact Kitty City treasurer Robert Reddish and let him know that your HR department will need to get Kitty City on the list!

The recently opened Etsy KittyCityRescue shop primarily showcases various handcrafted cat-themed items. Cat/pet crocheted basket beds, catnip toys, assorted cat lapel pins, bookmarks, and other handmade or vintage items have been donated by volunteers. New items are being added every week. The proceeds from all shop sales will be donated to support veterinary care for the cats at the shelter.

This page offers handcrafted items for sale and all the proceeds go directly to support Kitty City.