Please come visit these adoptable cats at our shelter!

Adoption fee Is $125. Adopt a second kitty for only $75 more (2 kitties for $200). Fee covers spay/neuter, age appropriate FVRCP vaccinations, rabies vaccinations, and combo testing for FIV/FeLV.

All our adoptable cats are special. But a few, because of personality quirks or physical attributes, are termed "special needs". They don't know it and they sure don't let labels get in their way. All such cats are noted with  a ** by the name. The only "need" these cats have is to be loved by their own "special" person!

If one of the cats below "speaks to you", you can find out more about him/her by visiting us on Petfinder, or by emailing us. Better yet, stop by the to see the cats up close and personal during normal visiting hours! (M-F & Sun 9:30 - 1:00; and Sat 9:30 - 2:00) Adoptions are done at the shelter Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday or by appointment. Contact Deborah at


Celine** - Beautifully sleek adult girl has been a longtime shelter resident. A bit shy, she is very loving toward people and non-threatening cats. When content, she sticks out the tip of her tongue. She does have an ulcerative oral granuloma which needs occasional meds. Lovely cat who shouldn't be overlooked by someone wanting a sweet-natured, calm companion!


Poppy** - This older adult girl has a beautiful face and pretty coloration. She can be shy but easily warms to gentle attention. Poppy came into rescue with kittens. They all got adopted but she was left behind. She suffered with acute stomatitis and had her teeth removed. Now is medicated for control and healing. Come see this sweetheart soon!


Sweetie** - This mature adult girl lives up to her name even tho she's had it rough. Her former person put her out on the street to fend for herself. She was hungry and hurt. A good samaritan cared enough to bring her to rescue. Sweetie has painful oral ulcerative granuloma and stomatitis which need periodic vet care. What a great friend she'd be to someone with a big heart!


Rose** - Pretty tortie and white older adult girl who was left behind by her previous people. How confused she must have been! Sweet Rose just wants to belong again. She needs routine care for a chronic mild nasal condition that shelter life doesn't help. Come see Rose and let her win your heart!


Tillie** - Very dark tortoiseshell younger adult girl who is extremely shy and wary. She prefers being away from the action but does warm up to gentle people interaction. Does not like to be picked up and prefers a home with no young kids, bully cats, or noisy dogs.

Nugget - A beautiful blue cream coated adult girl who's been looking for her forever home too long. She can be sweet and is still playful, declaring herself the laser light queen! All she wants is a person to appreciate her poise and companionship.


Wilson -

Sweet young adult boy wears his heart on his paw! He's a special friend to all new kittens and cats. Wilson would love his very own forever people-friend.


Tabitha - One of our longtime residents, this adult girl is affectionate but doesn't hog the limelight. She may get overlooked because she is so polite. She loves to eat, and it shows! She can't resist the shelter's food bowls! She'd prefer being the only cat. Come visit this special girl soon!


Sasha** - Lovely tortie and white girl who is super shy and very wary. A quiet home, a patient person, and she will gain confidence and security. If you might be that special caregiver, come visit her soon!

Bailey & Smokey.jpeg

Bailey & Smokey** - These two handsome younger adult boys are a bonded pair. Both are mellow and reserved, usually hanging back from any action. They are a comfort to each other and need to stay together in a less active home.


Lola - A classic bullseye tabby young adult girl who is laid back and doesn't hog the limelight. She interacts well with most other mellow cats and can toy-play with the best of them. Lola is also featured on some youtube videos.


Genie** - With her unusual coat pattern, this adult girl would blend in with a herd of Holsteins! Genie prefers being the only cat in a home with NO dogs or young children. A patient person can bring out her hidden sweet side.


Riley** - A beautiful calico adult lady whose favorite place is perched on a high window sill, looking out at the woods' activity or snoozing in the sun. Riley is very much to herself, and usually avoids interactions with cats and people. She is a longtime resident of the shelter and seems to be less skittish around men.


Muffin - A pretty blue/gray and white bibbed young adult girl who can be somewhat shy and laid back. Playtime makes her forget all that and she has as much fun as the kittens!


Vesta - What a pretty young girl with her spotted tabby coat! Her bright eyed look says she's ready for play, especially chasing a laser light toy up the wall. She'd be a great family addition so come see this adorable girl soon!


Wheaties** - This long time adult resident is our mascot black panther. He's big, sleek, and exotic! Due to poor socialization when younger he is reclusive & aloof. He needs a caring person who can patiently bring out his best.


Bob** - A longtime adult resident, beautiful blue-gray Bob can be talkative and affectionate. He's had some health issues in the past, but now all minor and manageable. Bob can usually be found perched high in a comfy cat bed snoozing or looking down on his realm. He'd be happy to make a forever home his new kingdom!


Cadence - A young tortoiseshell girl who is sweet but somewhat shy. Unlike most of the cats, she will run on the big wheel chasing a laser light! Cadence is also on KCCR's youtube channel so you can check her out.


Joey** - This mackerel tabby girl with the funny name is very shy. She came into rescue from a confined hoarding situation. With patience and understanding, in a quiet home with a savvy person, this mature adult girl will blossom.


Louise - Young adult girl who was a doting momma. She loves everyone and all the kittens, too. Good natured, very affectionate and easy going, she's looking for her own forever home. Come visit Louise and all her friends soon!


Dusty - This young adult boy came to rescue as an intact tomcat. Now that he has been altered, he's settled into carefree domestic life well. He's very people friendly but would probably do best as the only male cat in the household.


Winnie - A striking ticked tabby petite young adult, this girl would make a wonderful addition to most any household. Not too energetic, not too shy, she's waiting for the purrfect people to make her theirs.


Sydney - Young adult female with eyeliner eyes! Can be very affectionate and sweet but she is somewhat reserved and would do well in a quieter home.


Meghan - very young adult female who is sweet and lovable. She came into rescue with her pal Harry who has already found a home. Meghan's now looking for her own furever home.


Sassy - If ever a cat lived up to a name, it's this youngster! She's got cat-titude and a mind of her own. Can be particular about her friends and likes to play boss.


LeiLei - Adopted! Adult blue long hair girl came into rescue through no fault of her own. Looking for that special person who'll be her companion and help groom her beautiful coat.


Bebe - Female kitten; Dark Tortie stunner


Farrah - Stunning classic tabby youngster, who's somewhat shy but she can be quite playful and gets along with the other cats. Her sister is Vagabond and they can't wait for homes of their own!


Mario - Adopted! male kitten; Very dapper with his white bib and spats


Winky - Young adult calico and white girl who is shy and reserved but who can warm up quickly to a trusted person. She can be active and engaging and loves to play with the laser light. Winky will make a wonderful companion in a quieter family home.


June - Adopted! Such a cute young lady with two white front shoes! June doesn't make a fuss and would be a good family companion in a forever home!


Lynda** - This young adult girl was born at the shelter and like her mother, Celine, is a longtime resident. She, too, sticks out her tongue when content. Lynda can sometimes have cat-titude so she needs a confident person in her life. She receives periodic vaccine therapy for a chronic sinusitis condition which shelter life doesn't help.

Mercy f.jpeg

Merci - Young adult female, former doting momma; sleek and tolerant

Image 1.jpg

Fern - Young teen who came into rescue a terrified kitten. Now she loves other kittens and playing with her favorite toys, especially the floor tunnel and blue and green laser lights. Fern gets along with other playmates but can be very shy around people. A patient human friend can bring out her best. Find out more about this Torbie youngster!

Ventura 2.jpeg

Ventura - ZZ's sister..Shy but sweet, cuddly, playful teen girl. Loves to chase the laser light! Enjoys the company of other easy going cats. Ventura has a unique curled ear tip and she’s looking for her special family.


ZZ (Zanzibar) - Adopted! Adorable 6 month old boy! He is very happy flopping next to his person for head rubs and body massages. ZZ had a leg injury that almost resulted in an amputation. Great veterinary care has his leg healed and healthy now. ZZ is shy around new things. He's gentle and low energy. Meet n Greet by apptmt.

Roux 2.jpeg

Roux - Female youngster

Miranda 2.jpeg

Miranda - Sweet female older kitten who can be a real conversationalist! She loves to cuddle with people and will go from lap to lap looking for a perfect spot.

Celian 2.jpeg

Celian - Adopted! Baby boy; Very loving and always ready for cuddle attention

Baby boy

Capri 2.jpeg

Capri -Adopted! Female kitten


Prissy - Female Kitten, exotic looking laid back little jewel and a tv star, too!

Crispin m.jpeg

Crispin - baby boy Handsome white bibbed and bobby soxed cutie


Suzette - Adopted! female kitten white pinafored sweetie

Pepper f.jpeg

Pepper - Girl Baby Same exotic good looks gene shared with her siblings waiting to be someone’s special house panther

Yuma m.jpeg

Yuma - Older boy kitten, very active and playful


Ruby - Adopted! Beautiful orange tabby baby girl; very unusual coat pattern since most orange tabby cats are male; she was named Rusty before gender was verified; sweet but shy and looks for a special person to bring out her inner beauty


Pippa - Adopted! Female teen Sweet natured youngster with the sleek looks of a panther. Pippa is a poster child for what a Lap Kitty should be.


MardiGras** - Young teen girl. High energy, typical Tortie attitude, loves to play especially with toys & laser. Very adult people friendly, gives kisses, purrs and twitters! This lively petite Dilute has faced surgeries for severe, painful congenital medial luxating patellad. Now recovering in foster home.


Cheyenne - Adopted! Female kitten, older and beautifully marked Torbie

Aspen m.jpeg

Aspen - Baby boy; Delightful little tabby

Luca m.jpeg

Luca - Adopted! Baby Boy for pre-adoption only until older


Allie - Adopted! Young adult female, striking torbie markings


Blossom - Female Kitten

Butternut m.jpeg

Butternut - Adopted! Male kitten for pre-adoption only until older


Sahara - Female Kitten


Akasha - Adopted! Girl Kitten


Arista - Female Kitten; blue-eyed gal with some definite pointed and bi-color genes


Miata - Young adult female; former mama looking for a stable, caring homelife

Scotch m.jpeg

Scotch - Adopted! Young buff tabby boy who will fall asleep in your lap. Such a sweet fella’ who’d be a super cat friend!


Owen - Young adult male; injured, neglected, & abandoned; such a sweet boy who’s made a wonderful recovery with TLC. Now he truly deserves to be some lucky person’s forever housecat!

Refugee m.jpeg

Refugee - Young boy, orange tabby


Raven - Young female


Nessie - Female Kitten

Marmalade m.jpeg

Marmalade - Male Kitten, orange and white


Jemma - Female kitten sporting her white bib

Jazzpurr m.jpeg

Jazzpurr - Adopted! Young Boy with classic tabby bullseye


Horatio - Young Male, Mackerel Tabby

Baby f.jpeg

Baby - Adopted! Female Kitten, gray suede and white


Sheila - Baby Girl

Lambo f.jpeg

Lambo - Adoption pending! Young adult girl

Butters f.jpeg

Butters - Female youngster, Tortoiseshell


Diamond - Baby Girl

Avalon f.jpeg

Avalon - Adopted! Female Kitten


Hermione - Female Kitten


Fantasia - Adopted! Female Kitten


Mayflower - Female Kitten

Nasir m.jpeg

Nasir - Baby Boy

Xanadu m.jpeg

Xanadu - Adopted! Male Kitten


Greer - Adopted! Girl Kitten


Varro - Boy Baby


Josey - Adoption Pending! Female kitten, med long hair fluffy

Randi f.jpeg

Randi - Younger adult female


Pixie - Baby Girl


Molly - Adopted! Older girl kitten, Dilute Tortie


Porter - Adopted! Boy Baby, med long hair fluffy

Sardis m.jpeg

Sardis - Male youngster, orange & white Tabby

A few of our longtime residents...

Wheaties Face.jpg


Poppy Standing.jpg

Poppy (bad hair day)

Tabitha Loaf.jpg