This summer, and the month of August especially, have been rough!

The high kill shelters have been overflowing with cats and kittens in dire need of rescue, and many of them have been very sick. Kitty City has had numerous emergency vet bills. One kitten had to be treated in the ER for days, and another that came from death row has been critically ill with pneumonia. She's hanging on, but her bills as well as those for two additional new kittens are adding up. These precious kittens are fighting for their lives and need some positive vibes to accompany their meds.

We cannot continue to give suffering and ailing babies like these the intensive medical care they need and deserve without your continued financial support. Please help as you can by going to our DONATE page or using the information below.

With thanks, any donation to Kitty City is a big donation!


Sometimes emergency cases happen that cause big vet bills; Eye surgeries, oral infections, bone/joint surgeries, and occasional victims of hoarding & horrific neglect. All these babies require veterinary intervention. Please help Kitty City continue to fund excellent medical care for those in need! Any donation is a big donation.

Thank you always for your support!


Checks can be mailed to Kitty City, 4530 Knight Road, Macon, GA 31220, or you can send via PayPal at: Any donation is appreciated, and all donations will help Kitty City to continue giving all the cats in need the best veterinary care possible so they have the chance to live long and healthy lives.