Today's Featured Felines:



Large and sleek, black coated Lynda has been in the shelter all her life. She was born in a foster’s bathtub and was the only survivor of her mom Celine’s kittens. Lynda has known nothing but shelter life for way too many years! She can be very sweet and playful but sometimes doesn’t realize she isn’t a kitten anymore…like when she tries to climb someone’s leg! She’s a smart girl so some positive reinforcement training will work behavioral wonders. In a busy, fluid shelter environment, that isn’t usually possible, so kittens like Lynda can grow up without learning good manners.

Lynda is a special needs kitty because of a chronic sinus condition which requires periodic vaccine therapy. Nothing serious, just something her adopter will have to monitor with occasional veterinary care. Within the past year Lynda also developed the painful oral condition, stomatitis. Her teeth were surgically removed to resolve the severe inflammation. Surprisingly, cats with no teeth can eat anything they want! One toothless Kitty City alum is a feline vacuum, sucking up everything edible! Another toothless alum refuses to eat anything except small-sized hard kibble. Both are thriving. And Lynda will do fine with no special diet other than the one she prefers.

Lynda doesn't deserve to be overlooked. She’s full of personality and has been deprived of a home life outside of the shelter for too long. If you're that special person who can give a beautiful, adult girl a forever home of her own, come visit Lynda soon!



Beautiful Arista is a full-grown young adult girl in a very petite body of strikingly patterned fur. There is no doubt she has genetic links to one of the pointed cat breeds like the Siamese, Ragdoll, Birman, or even the Himalayan. But Arista's sweet disposition and calm personality are even more attractive than the pretty coat she wears! She gets along with other cats, is people friendly, and can be quite playful with toys. She should be irresistible to everyone!

Unfortunately, finding a new home can be difficult for cats having any medical condition or some physical deformity. The majority of potential adopters just want a cute and healthy cat with no immediate or additional care needs. Cats that don't match up to this are very often just left behind. Arista was born with a congenital deformity of the eyelids, and one eye is also slightly smaller than the other. The vet says that her eyesight has not been compromised. She just looks a little odd. She may have an issue with runny eyes or mild irritations from time to time, but her condition is quite manageable for anyone who can give Arista veterinary care when she needs it.

There can be homes for every cat because of those few, special people who are more than happy to offer a loving, supportive home to cats like Arista that happen to be a little different. If you're one of those special adopters, come visit Arista and see for yourself what a wonderful cat companion she's waiting to be!