Today's Featured Felines:

Muffin 2.jpeg


This pretty blue/gray and white bibbed young adult girl originally came from animal control as a young teen. She is now over 3 years old. Muffin is often overlooked by adopters because she can be somewhat shy and laid back. She will avoid the limelight and the excited atmosphere some of the other cats create. But playtime makes her forget all that! Bring out the laser lights and Muffin gives even the juveniles a run for their money. She has as much fun as the kittens! Muffin has a big heart and would love to share it with a special person.



Such a striking tortie and white older adult girl who didn’t deserve to be left behind by her previous people. How confused she must have been to be abandoned and no longer valued! Sweet Rose is shy and reserved and prefers to stay out of the shelter’s active areas. This diminutive beauty just wants to belong to a person again. As a mature adult, she is well mannered and a true lady. She does need routine care for a mild nasal condition that is probably made worse by the shelter environment. In a secure, loving home life, her condition could even subside. Come see Rose soon and let her steal your heart!